10 Travel essentials for smart & fashionable travellers

Going on a trip? Here are 10 travel gears you shouldn’t forget,Backpackers, adrenaline seekers, weekend warriors, soul searchers travellers go by different names, but they are all bound by the need to go out, make discoveries, and gain
new experiences.While it’s easy to (willingly) succumb to the allures of travel, it would be foolish to charge ahead without the proper gear. 
Here are 10 travel essentials that will prevent your dream trip from becoming your worst nightmare:
It may be a basic necessity for travellers, but it doesn’t mean that one should settle for just any other bag. For trips and #YourEverydayCarry, Canadian brand, Venque have enough space for your travelling gears, and so much more! Made of highqualityfabric, called QUANTA, it comes in various designs that show off their owner’s individuality and practicality. From sun shiny beaches to cold climes, Venque has got you covered!
Venque Briefpack
Who goes out of town without their cam on hand? Hopefully, not you. Make sure to store it in a cool camera case like the Venque CamPro Camera Bag that can accommodate chargers, lenses, and an extra memory card or three for your
#ShamelessSelfies and other moments that matter.
Venque CamPro
3.Pocket WiFi
In an age where everyone wants/needs to stay connected, having access to the Internet 24/7 is fast becoming a must.
If you’re planning to commune with nature/live in solitude/escape from civilization for a while, feel free to leave this behind.
4.Mobile Phone
In some foreign countries, it’s possible to buy SIM cards that enable web browsing and text messaging. Keep your mobile phone, extra SIM and credit and identity cards close and safe with Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus.
Bellroy Elements Pocket Plus
Business trips wouldn’t be complete without a trusty laptop. Keep it safe with a sturdy and sophisticated leather laptop sleeve like .This is Ground’s Mod and Tablet cases or Gnome and Bow’s Alden Folio for a more stylish carry.
 TIG Mod Tablet 2TIG Mod Tablet 1Gnomenbow Alden
6.Hard Drive
Your repository of music and movies may come in handy after a long day full of exploration. It also serves as additional storage for your photo and video haul, so it’sworth a space in your luggage or executive organizer.
A passport is your ticket to gain entry into another country, so don’t lose it! A Bellroy Passport Sleeve Wallet
can help you keep this precious item intact,along with your boarding pass, return ticket and IDs to guarantee a worry
-free trip in a distant land and all the way back home.
Bellroy Passport Sleeve
8.Power Bank
It’s important to note the capacity of your power bank and its compatibilitywith the gadgets that you’re planning to bring. Make sure that your electric energy reserves are not depleted for a stress-free tour.
Save some of your phone’s battery by jotting down new data like hard-to-remember street names or contact info of people you meet. If sceneries or situations strike a chord, unleash the writer in you and immortalize them on paper.
10.Credit cards
It would be a challenge to stop shopaholics from hoarding souvenirs. If you’ll be travelling with one or you are one, have a credit card at the ready so you won’t run out of cash for emergencies. If you have a lot of cards, use a dependable, RFID blocking and thin Natsu Card Case to keep them organized. Still, bear in mind that credit cards have their limits, so don’t overspend!
Natsu Kisetsu
Whether you’re an urban traveller or a country chap, don’t forget the three P’s of travelling: Plan ahead, pack smart, and purchase reliable travel gears! All set? Then get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!
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